Mamatha Mohandas is again becoming active in films

Following the cancer disease the actress Mamtha Mohandas was temporarily away from the acting for some time. And now reports says that she has once again got active in films

She was first diagnosed with the disease when she was acting in the film Anwar and later with the treatment she successfully overcame its effects and returned to the silver screen. She survived cancer after battling with the disease with great mental strength and courage. After Surviving the disease she got active in films again and however she was diagnosed with cancer again for the second time. Now the actress is again back to films after the treatment.

Her upcoming film To Nora With Love directed by Babu will get released for this new year. She is playing the important character in this film . Babu is directing the film independently. Besides Mamata Kaniha, Krish Sarthar, Shekhar Menon, Mithra Kuryan, plays the important role in the film. The film is scripted by G S Anil and the theme of the story is based on the Muhammad Vadakaras novel. The shoot of the film will start on January 20th in Kozhikode