Malayalam film is in the hands of Twenty Five Persons : Babu Antony

Actor Babu Antony has come forward with strong criticism against Malayalam film industry. He says that Malayalam film industry is ruled by twenty five persons. They preach their interest and religion through their films and their ideas are getting imposed on the audience forcefully. He was speaking to the press conference to speak about School of Martial arts. He also added that the 99.9 percent of Malayalam films are getting flopped because of the repetition of the ideas, themes and the lack of different approach. Only if the Malayalam film comes out of this frame it will achieve success.

Babu Antony also says that some of the actors also made their own frame. Majority of the actors come with satellite rates. Not only that the producers also become the main hindrance to select the actors suitable for the characters. This frame cannot be broken and it is very difficult to do it. But what ever it is there are some people who are trying their best to break this. Now Babu Antony is gearing up to direct an action film titled Piano. The film would have a James Bond film model and the There shooting of the film will take place in Dubai.