M.G University: V.C Is Not Eligible Reports Chief Secretory

Thiruvananthapuram:The government is to take stringent measures against M.G University Vice Chancellor Dr. A.V.George.Chief Secretory had reported to take action against him.The report is given to Chief Minister and Education Minister.The Additional Chief Secretory who is in charge of Higher Education Department Dr. K.M Abraham had reported to Chief Secretory that Dr. A.V George is not having the stipulated eligibility to be the Vice Chancellor.This has been pointed out at the time of his appointment itself. Teaching experience as the professor and excellent academic expertise are the eligibility prescribed by U.G.C for Vice Chancellorship. Dr. George was an associate professor in an aided college only.
But in his resume considered for V.C post , it is said as department head in Environmental Studies of Central University.But he was there only for a short period.At the time of submitting the resume and also at the time of appointment , he was not working in Central University.Kerala University Senate Member V.R Biju had complained against this before the High Court.The court asked for the explanation on this from the Government.The note given by the chief secretory is for the Chief Minister to submit the statement before court.U.G C Nominee to the Committee for recommending the names for V.C post Dr.Anantha Krishnan had given the written note stating that Dr.Geroge is not eligible for the post and expressed his difference of opinion in appointing him.
Dr. A.V George got appoint as V.C as the Kerala Congress Nominee.An influential group of Congress is strongly against the appointment of a person without required eligibility as V.C ,from the beginning itself. In between the rift between Higher Education Department and V.C also added oil to the fire making it difficult for Dr. George. .