Loham is not the story of smuggling

The upcoming new film Loham starring Mohanlal in the lead is not based on Smuggling. In fact it tells the story of theft. After the film Spirit, mohanlal and Ranjith is teaming up for this new action thriller. Tamil Actress Andrea Jermiah will play the heroine.
Mohanlal is playing the character Raju , a taxi driver who is little mysterious and with so many hidden layers. Andrea will be seen playing Jayanthi. The film has so many moments which will be a continuation of this duo’s previous hit films like Aaram Thampuran and Narasimham

Ranji Panikkar, Irshad, Harish Peradi, Abu Salim, Siddique , Ajmal Amir, Vijayaraghavan, Muthumani, Aju Wargheese and Manikuttan are the other stars who will be seen in the film. co director of the film Loham is Actress Maithili.