Kunchacko Boban is responsible for my comeback: Says Shyamily

Shyamily who entered the film as a child artist in the film “Anjali ‘ Directed by Mani Ratnam has been appreciated and got highlighted in the national level. The actress who entered the films as child artist and is called as Baby shamily is no longer have Baby in her name. After acting in film Harikrishan’s she is all set for a comeback to the films after a long interval. Her new film is titled as ‘Vallim thetti Pullim Thetti ‘and she would be playing the female lead in the film. Her Sister Shalini and the actor Kunchako Boban has acted together in so many films. All the films in which they played the central characters went on to become a hit also. So both the families are closer and they had became family friends. Later Shalini moved to Tamil films and married Tamil Actor Ajith. After the Marriage she kept herself away from the films. Even though they are away from Films they maintained their friendship with Chackochan .
Chackochan used to call them often and he often asks Shamily whether she is is interested for a comeback in films and if at all she is interested she should tell him because so many people are interested to cast her in films. She said that , at that time she did not show interest in films as she was busy with her studies. Had finished Post graduation in Visual communication and Film Marketing. When she was shooting for the film ‘Veer Sivaji” in Tamil Chackochan called Shamily and told that there is a good story and asked her to hear the story and script and accepted to do the role.