Kavya Madhavan as the heroine of Vijay Babu

Kavya Madhavan seems to be very selective these days. She is seen only in very few movies now and that too selected ones. Last year she had acted only in two movies, ‘Lokpal’ and ‘Breaking News Live’. Now Kavya is coming up with a movie that has great importance for the female character that she plays. Kavya is pairing with Vijay Menon, in the movie in which she comes after a short break. In this movie, the director Radhakrishnan Mangalathu and Script writer Krishna Poojapura
are combining after the movie ‘Sakudumbam Shyamala’. Kavya comes in the role of an ordinary housewife Anu, who all of a sudden becomes famous. She was concealed within the four walls of the house and after being famous, she becomes a helping hand to many people. This is the plot of the movie. Prathap Pothen and P.Balachandran are the other actors in the movie.