Karle Pyaar Karle -Review

Karle Pyaar Karle (KPK) is a movie of the ’80s, rechristened in 2014. While the film has been lavishly mounted as it supports Bollywood’s nepotism, practice of a producer (Suneel Darshan) making a show reel for his son ( Shiv Darshan), scant respect is paid to even trying to give you a halfway decent story with contemporary treatment. Instead, you are introduced to Shiv’s (Kabir) skills to ride, fight, dance, romance and cry in that order.

Keeping him company is a girl Hasleen (Preet). Borrowing other characters like a group of bad boys, some nerds and some more scantily clad girls straight out of 1970s-80s cinema, the film has a string of artificially created situations – like a bike ride, a fight, a lap-dance, a kiss, all strung together with one obvious objective. ‘Hello – please meet my son. He has decided to become an actor. And he needs to show you what he is capable of while you stay captive. Also while you fidget in your seat, please check out the new girl we chose for him to romance. She can parade in a bikini, sing, dance and mouth some audacious lines.’

Dialogues like ‘either you have *shit in your b*m or dum in your b*m*’ makes you cringe. The film is full of cliches of mainstream cinema. The characters, like the parents of the boy, the quiet suffering mother of the girl, the villain (DG) who owns a meat factory, his spoilt son (Jazz), the son’s sidekick (Goldie), are caricatures that have been a part of Bollywood potboilers for eons. It’s time to bury these fast and furious ones, rather than attempt to glorify them like KPK does.