Kannur is the district second in row from the north end of Kerala. District head quarters are also named Kannur. In area this is the 9th in position among the districts in Kerala.

Story behind the Name

“Kaanathoor” the village through which the river “Kaanampuzha” was flowing later became Kannur or Kananoore;this is one opinion. Another says it was “Kannante ooru” later became Kannur. Tolami the Greek scholar of second century, while describing about the port along the western coast of India mentions about “Canoura”. The first mention about “Kananore” Friar Jordanas of 14th Centaury who visited Malabar.


Towards North is Kasargode. East is Coorg district of Karnataka state,South Mayyazhi forming part of Union Territory of Puducherry and Calicut, West is Arabian sea are the boundaries of the district.

Cultural specialties

Kannur is the place of folk rituals of worship “theyyam and thira”. “Theyyam” is fromd from the word “Daivam”( means God). The the heros and great warriers of past ,remaind in many hearts even after they passed away as folk songs and stories. By the passage of time they got reincarnated as ‘theyyams’. In their memories and as homage to them, every year “Theyyam” is preformed. For the villages of rural Kerala” Theyyam is the “God” itself. Theyyams differ from place to place. Like Muthappan, Vishnumoorthi. Kathivannoor veeran, Pottan, Guligan, Wayanad Kulavan, Muchilottu Bhagavathi there are many theyyams.

There are many Christian churches also in this area. Aalakkode Church,Chemberi church, Marygiri church, Cherupuzha church are famous.

Kannur is a place where Muslim population is high. Most of them are engaged in trade and commerce. Now into agriculture also. There are khabar of many Auliayas seen in the districts.Every year Uroose is celebrated here. The people in Kannur celebrates Hindu Christian and Muslim festivals in equal mind.

Lively hood

Main means of living is agriculture itself. Rubber, Coconut, Pepper, Ginger , Vanila, Tapioka and Cashew are being grown here.But the main crops are rubber and coconut. Kannur is also the place of Handloom and beedi.. They form part of the traditional areas. Handlum from Kannur is world famous. Kerala Dinesh Beedi engaged in making beedi a cooperative initiative had a major role not only in employment sector but also in politics.

Geographical features

This the district in Kerala with the maximum coastal line.



Tourist Attractions

1.Payyambalam Beach

Payyambalam beach, 2 kilometers away from Kannur is a beautiful place.. The statue ”mother and child” by famous sculpture Sri.Kaanai Kunjiraman is placed here.This is also the resting place of many famous personalities that Kerala had givn birth ,like ,Swadeshbhimi Ramakrishna Pilai, A.K Gopalan, Pampan Madhavan,K.G Marar,E.K Nayanar, Azheekkodan Raghavan, C.kannan, Chadayan Govindan, and Sukumar Azhekkodu.

2.Parashanikkadavu Snake Park

Parshanikkadavu Snake Park is almost 16 kilometers from the town of Kannur. This park contributes a lot for the preservation ofmany types of reptiles which are on the verge of extinction.There are almost 150 differetn types of snakes are here.

3. Parashinikkadavu Muthappan Temple

This is one of the Muthappan temples in Kerala.This temple is situated on the banks of the river “Valapattanampuzha” towards 16 kilometers north of Kannur town.Here Muthappan theyyam is performed as ritual through out the year. Other forms of theyyam are performed in certain seasons.( October to May).

4. Muzhuppilangadu Beach

This another beautiful beach in the district. This is along the National High Way 17 between Kannur and Tellicherry. This is only one drive in beach in Kerala

Educational Institutions

Kannur is a district which is advanced in education. Christian managements have given a valuable contribution in this area. Kannur has a University and, Govt.Engineering College at Mangattuparambu, Navodaya Vidyalaya at Chendayadu. Other well known institutions are Pariyaram Medical College and Ayurveda College.

Medical Facilities

The medical facilities in the district is mainly depend on Pariyaaram Medical College ,Govt.Ayurveda College and Kaannur District Hospital. There are many private hospitals too


Kannur is always a name hearing aloud in Kerala politics..This is the birth place of AK Gopalan the first opposition leader in Kerala Assembly. Also to E.K Nayanar and K.Karunakaran, the former Chief Ministers of Kerala.

There are many communist leaders from this place. First time in Kerala Communist party was formed in places Pinarayi and Parapram of Kannur.

Against the British and against the Land lord system many blood shed revolutions have happened in Kannur. Kayyoor, Morazha ,Padikkunnu, Kavumpayi, Karivllure agitations are still inspiration .During the Mahthma Gandhi’s Salt Sathyagraha,Payyannoor also made salt supporting the freedom fighters. The traditional areas of Kannur are still the communist forts but the migrants occupied areas under Congress –Kerala Congress majority. Muslim populated areas belong to Muslim League.BJP also have strong supporters in certain areas of Kannur.

There are 11 assembly constituencies in the district.Kannur, Kozhikkode, Dharmadom, Koothuparamba, Thalipparamba, Thalassery, Mattaannoor ,Peravoor, Irikkoor, Payannoor, Kalyasseri are the constituencies. Kannur Parliament consistency and certain areas of Vadakara constituency are in Kannur.


There are 13 railway stations in Kannur District.