If cricket is a religion in India , cricketers are the gods it is usually said , and here is a goddess who represented Tamil Nadu in cricket and now venturing into the Tamil film industry . Lakshmi priyaa Chandra mouli a Tamil speaking native of Chennai , a Human resources professional , Theatre artiste by passion , cricketer by interest is now the leading lady of ' Kallappadam ' . She was asked by the director to put on some extra kilos as the script demanded rather couple of scenes demanded , the pretty actress was out to prove her commitment to the profession she chose . The cute girl become a sweet girl literally , gobbling sweets at will and put on that desired weight in couple of days . Now the Director had an other demand , Lakshmi priyaa was asked to shed off the added weight . The athletic based girl utilised her will power and endurance to lose the weight again. Astonishing to find a heroine do this , as this is normally a ' Hero' oriented deed . Lakshmi priyaa shares her opinion on this and says on her role in Kallappadam ' My role is a well defined and powerful character .I play a role which is emotionally very strong , which is usually related to the male characters . It is indeed a pride playing such role in the earlier stage of my life , as i always mould myself on the lines of my role model Nandita das . I aspire to be known as an actress of acting substance than being referred as a star . Crew Production : IRAIVAN FILMS Producer : Anand Ponniraivan Director : J .Vadivel Cinematographer : Sriirama Santosh Music Director : K Editor : Gaugin Art : Bala Lyrics : Mani Amudhan Cast J Vadivel Sriirama Santosh K Gaugin Lakshmi Priyaa Jishnu Narein Singampuli