Kadal Kadannoru Mathukutty

Much proclaimed Renjith movie “Kadal Kadannoru Mathukutty ” came with a very high ambition but it is doubtful whether it touched the target or not. Mathukutty’s return to the native did not become a big as expected. Though the name of the movie did make rytham on hearing but the creativity of Director Ranjith is no where seen in the movie. Mathukutty never raised any challenge to Mammootty, who gave glittering moments of acting as Aripranchi in Pranchiyettan. If can use little more tough words, this is a useless movie which can be seen till interval.

Mathukutty packs up to bring Mohan Lal for a malayalam show in a remote town in Germany. But Janette (Muthumani) was not interested to send him. Mathukutty was the only jobless there. At last Janette agrees to send him.Matthukutty reached here but Mohan Lal was not available.Now the organizers in Germany Siddique, Suresh Krishna) says ,Dileep will do if Mohan Lal is not available. If Kavya Madhavan is also there with Dileep it is very good.But Dileep also says excuses.But Mathukutty did not say this to his friends.Instead he hires a mimicry artist to imitate Dileep. They deposits money in Mathukutty’s account for paying advance to Dileep.At this time Mathukutty, starts to Plangamon ,his native place.There he meets Gandhian Thomas Master(Nedumudi), Father (Balachandra Menon),his old girl friend Rosy(Alisha),her mother ( Kaviyoor Ponnamma) Brother Mathunni( Balachandran) .There in an incident, he ends up in some problems with a relative of his old girl friend and had to be there for some more time.Mathukutty, a guy from Central Travancore and made good at heart being the hero of the movie wins every body’s heart and leaves for Germany. This is the story in nutshell.

Mathukutty is safe in Mammooty’s hands .But Mathukutty is not a film which can be saved by Mammooty. That much poor is the story. Muthumani as Mathukutty’s wife also did very well. Old girl friend Rosy acted by new face Alisha Muhammed has nothing to contribute to the movie. P.Balachandran as Rosy’s brother also did well.Though the location is Germany,gives a different experience by Madhu Neelakandan’s camera and gazal by Shahbaz Aman,Mathukutty with no message or vision , is a shame on Renjith’s recent achievements.It may be said that the presence of Mammooty gives some breath for the movie.

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