K.T.Jayakrishnan Murder Case For C B I Enquiry

KT Jayakrishnan
  K.T.Jayakrishnan Murder Case For C B I Enquiry

Thirivananthapuram:  On the K T Jayakrishnan murder case C B I will take up the further investigation. Chief Minister signed on the file regarding the same Crime branch who are investigating the same now had given the  recommendation earlier for CBI investigation.

Mr. Jayesh who got arrested in relation to T.P Chandrasekharan murder case has earlier admitted that  the group including him were involved in Jayakrishnan murder but the police list  excluded the real culprits in the case. Following this Jayakrishnan’s mother Kausalya and BJP leadership demanded for the CBI investigation . On its basis Crime Branch initiated a re enquiry . Police Chief K Balasubrahmaniam. recommended for CBI enquiry.

Out of 15 people who got death sentence from lower court, 4 were released by Supreme Court on account of not having enough evidence against them. The Court also reduced the death sentence of main accused Acharath Pradeep to life imprisonment.