Judicial investigation is welcome: K.C.Joseph

KC Joseph
KC Joseph

Thiruvananthapuram:  Minister K.C.Joseph has stated that the government has no objection to judicial investigation in the Solar scam case, and was in fact ready to face any kind of investigation.  He also said that after getting the initial investigation report, if necessary, this will be considered by the Government.

He also stated that presently, no complaints have been reported against the ongoing police investigation, which is in its final stage.  He also told the public to wait for the initial report, after which the government will be ready to face any kind of investigation.  Minister K.C.Joseph also cautioned that waiting for the Chief Minister to resign on this basis is fruitless.

Kozhikode:  Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Shri Mullapally Ramachandran said that he was hurt by the Home Minister’s statement made against him in the Parliament, with reference to the T.P.murder case.  But even then, he said that he was satisfied by the explanation given by Shri Thiruvanchoor, and requested the controversy to be ended then and there.  He said that he was hurt by what Shri Thiruvanchoor said, and that his reaction was reflected through Facebook.

Shri Mullappally said that he has submitted a request to the speaker G.Karthikeyan, asking for the removal of Shri Thiruvanchoor’ statement from the Parliament records, and he hopes that it will be an affirmative.  He also told the press that he has not added any names to the list of accused, but he still stands firm that there are “Bigger fish” in the case, which have not yet been caught.  He also accused of a conspiracy behind the leaking of phone records in the Solar scam case.