Its funny: Remains in power for the success of Truth ; V.S.

VS Achuthanandan

Trivandrum:     Even after the role of Mr. Ummen Chandi is evidently clear in Solar Scam, his argument that he is continuing in his office  for the ‘success of truth’ is a big joke says Mr. V.S Achuthanandan leader of opposition .  It is for hiding the truth that Mr. Chandi is sticking on to power. The Truth in Solar Scam is  revealed to the people and the court of people will decide the punishment for Mr. Ummen Chandi, he added. Judicial enquiry has to be continued. Chief Minister has  still not made it clear that  whether he knows Ms. Saritha Nair or not. He is just beating around the bush and forced Mr. Selvaraj ML A to lie that he has not met Ms. Saritha Nair.