If The Situation Continues Congress Won’t Get Not Even a Single Seat- K. Muraleedharan

K Muraleedharan - Newskerala
K. Muraleedharan

Thiruvananthapuram: If the present scenario is continuing UDF may not get even a single seat in the coming parliament election says K Muraleedharan. No one is asking the Chief Minister to change the style. Not agreeing to that. Everybody has got their style of working Mr. Muraleedharaan said.  He was addressing the media after his meeting with KPCC President Mr. Ramesh Chennithala. The efforts to improve the image of the ministry should be started at the earliest.  In the present situation UDF will not be able to give MPs from the state. There is no need for ministerial reconstitution now. After the parliament election it will be needed. He added.