I am not a good Husband But I am a good friend; Says Fahad Fazil

After getting married actress Nazria Nazeem has taken temporary break from the films. even though she is maintaining some distance from the film industry, the social media is still making buzz about her news. The fans of the actress is quite upset and angry with her actor husband Fahad Fazil for not letting her act. The actor also confessed in an interview that he also wanted to see Nazria in the film but the actress is not showing any interest to return to acting for time being. She is showing more interest in concentrating in family life.
Fahad also told that if he receives a good script and story he and Nazria would act together in the film.
He also added that he is not a good husband, but he assured that he is a good friend. At the same time he also told that Nazria is a good partner and she takes care of him very well. He also added that Nazria is very matured and handle things in a matured way.