“I am in I.C.U : emotional Face book Post of Jishnu

Actor Jishnu Raghavan is battling with the dangerous disease Cancer in his life and he has taken it very positively and inspires us through his Face book posts even in his worse condition.

The actor has took to his Face book Page and gave an update on his condition from the I.C.U and reading the post will make any ones heart melt.

The actor posted in an inspiring Face book post that he is now in I.C.U undergoing treatment and he tells that nothing to worry about it because it has become his second home now. Jishnu also says that the positive thoughts and bright smiles will bring lot of changes in life.

I have fun here. When my doctors come for rounds I will be sleeping. I woke up as soon as my doctor come and will give him a bright smile and the doctor will also give me a huge smile always. The doctor told me that it is so good to see a smiling patient as it gives energy for them to treat the patient. Definitely it would bring so many changes. “Jishnu Says o n his Face book post.

The actor says that Smile is magic which will bring a lot of difference in everybody’s life. He also says that nowadays he smile a lot, he started smiling at every situation . the smile entirely changes the bad atmosphere of the I.C.U. into a good one. He says that it is a magic. Smile magic. He says that everyone knows it but home how forget to try it. Am I right ? this is not an advise , it is my experience ‘ Says Jishnu.