Huge gas cylinders along the coast of Kasargode

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Huge gas cylinders along the coast of Kasargode

Kasargode: Huge gas cylinders found along the coast creates chaos among the people.  Kottikulam Beach road, Jemma beach of Uduma, Mogral nangi are the places were the gas cylinders were seen as shored .On last Tuesday three cylinders were seen tied together at Mancheswaram Coast guards have confirmed that these were from the ship sunk near Mumbai Port last month.

Cylinders are stamped CIMS. On contacting the company they confirmed their shipment of cargo on the ship MOL Confort to Jidda. The confusions were cleared on confirming the same. On the tank which found at Jemma beach it is written Nitrogen, but the meter shows it as empty. One at Kottikulam the outer wall is tampered. The cylinder which was floating along the coast at Nangi came shore by noon. Police are on guard at the three places. The district administration has decided to tie the cylinders to shore with steel ropes.