Hopeful improvement in Shafiek’s Health

Hopeful improvement in Shafiek’s Health

Kattappana: There is slight improvement in the health of Shafiek ( 5) the child who got admitted to the hospital as victim of brutality of his own father and step mother. Ventilator has been removed completely by Monday evening.  Now the child is able to breath on his own.

He is moving his legs and hands. The eyelids are flickering on pain. All these are good symptoms.  Child is not having any seizures now. Also responding to medicines. He is on nasal feed and to that too his body is responding well. But still he is in critical condition. The brain is effected 75% and this may lead to future complications fears the doctors. In order to find whether the inflammation in brain is reduced on not, he will undergo CT scan today.

ace, people are flowing to the hospital.