Gravel Core Will “Ilami

                                           Gravel center will
                                Music – anukirusna pair
Joe Productions is producing a new film company producing the film “ilami” named.
The film “whipped” Music plays a leading role in the film.
Anukirusna plays the heroine., And ravimariya, Pond, alongside numerous stars in the film. Well underway and is in the choosing.
Palaniparati, in jivanma, rajakurucami srikantteva composing songs.
Cinematography – yuga
Art – janpiritto
Product Overview – A. Ravi P.
Story, screenplay, dialogues, written and produced by J driver. Julian Prakash. Ravimariya of an assistant director.
Asked the director about the film ….
Set in 18 th century was the kind of …. At that time, more emphasis was given to jallikat. That’s it take for the nucleus.
The film dealt with more jallikattai. The yuan has established a six pack to go to the Gym and Fitness.
In August shooting in Madurai, Theni, is held in such places.
Eighteenth-century period was chosen because it is in the lokecan.