Four Arrested For Unnatural Sexual Abuse

Unnatural sex
  Four Arrested For Unnatural Sexual Abuse

Peerumed: In Pambanar of Idukki for people got arrested for subjecting a twelve year old unnatural sexual abuse. They were using the boy tempting with liquor and Cigerate. Anish,Ashokan,Suresh and Chinnathambi of Idukki are the ones arrested by Peerumedu CI. One more is left to arrest. They were abusing the boy for last three years.

The arrest was following the complaint received to Child line. School authorities observing the change in the character of the boy informed the Child line. On which the child welfare committee took the statement from the child and informed the police to arrest. The child with his family is staying is a private estate at Pambanar.  Child says it is people from the same estate that did behave badly to him. They were abusing the child for the last three months in a unoccupied building in the estate. The child says they were six .