Financial Adviser to Chief Minister Oommen Chandy Resigns

Shafi Methar

Thiruvananthapuram:  Mr. Shafi Mather, The Financial Adviser to Chief Minister Mr. Oommen Chandi gave his resignation. It is said the resignation is following his difference of opinion with his brother Rafi Mather. Rafi Mather and his wife Reshma earlier complained to the Chief Minister that Mr. Shafi is using his office to harm their business.

Rafffi Mather’s wife had filed a petition to Ernakulam Police station saying Shafi enchroched to their home and threatened them. The same complaint was submitted to Chief Minister that his acts are on having the power of his office. The Mather brothers who were doing business jointly separated on financial issues. Mr. Shafi Mather had explained that he is resigning on the basis of complaint from his own family that he is misusing the official powers.There was a complaint earlier against Mr. Shafi Mather about the 108 Ambulance service.