Earlier It was Fathers Son, Today Sons Father

Vijay Babu is having good times as a director and Actor. All the films directed by him was a success. Now Vijay Babu has teamed up with Sandra Thomas and under the banner of Friday Films is making the film titled Peruchazhi starring Mohanlal.

Besides producing both of them are acting in the film also. Vijay Babu has received a good role this time. He will be playing father to Superstar Prithivraj in the film titled Tamar Patar directed by Dileesh Nair. Tamar Padar is a comedy film .

His character appears in flashback scenes which shows Prithivraj as a child. But the fathers character influences and motivates Prithivraj even in his adulthood. Prithivraj is constantly influenced and motivated by his fathers words.

Interesting thing in this is that Vijay Babu has played Sukumaran’s childhood in 1982 film sooryan which was produced by Vijay’s father Sarath Chandra Babu and now Vijay Babu and prithivraj plays cops in the film tamar padar.