Drishyam and Indian Pranaya Katha on Net, 400 Persons who viewed the Film

Malayalam film industry has struck by Piray storm . This time it Jitu Joseph’s is Super hit film Mohanlal Starrer Drishyam and Satyan Anthikad ‘s Fahad Fazil Starrer Oru Indian Pranaya Katha has been uploaded in the net. The film producers has been filed the case against this with the Police Anti Piracy Cell. Police has received the Email address of the 100 persons including 400 people who have watched the film through the Internet . The police is now in search of their address . The anti piracy cell seeks help from the cyber cell in order to trace the IP address.

The petition claims that the movie has been uploaded in the sites like thiruttu vcd , mallu dvd, and olangal.com. The police thinks that the film has been copied to the site by using handy cam in Bangalore. All the new films are copies like this into the sites. The police has got the information’s about the persons who upload the pirated films. Previously the police has taken similar case for uploading the film like Bachelor party