Dr.Biju’s ‘Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal’

The scene of endosulphan affected people haunt a lot, said Kunjchacko
Boban. He also said that he had not acted in any movie with so much of
pain and sadness as he experienced in the movie ‘Valiya Chirakulla
Pakshi’ directed by Dr.Biju, while taking part in a live program at
Press Club Kasargod.
He said that he was unable to have food after visiting the affected
people. The actual plight of their’s is much worser than that have
been known from reading. Kunjchacko Boban said that this movie will be
an eye opener to all and he will suggest to help these people to the
association AMMA.
Dr.Biju said that the problems of the endosulphan affected people have
not been considered properly by the state and central governments. it
is painful to shoot the scenes of the affected people. But the their
plight was brought to the outer world through media. The profit gained
from this movie will be given to the affected people.