Dr Biju Comments Against Mohanlal’s Dialogue

The famous Director Dr Biju comes forefront by Criticizing a dialogue said by Mohanlal in his recent release Peruchazhi. He pointed out that certain dialogue in the film is like insulting the tribal community. He criticized this through his Social Networking Site official Facebook Page. His note says like this

‘In one of the landmark film of the actor , when a close friend shouted Jaganathan’s name so many he did not even turn back. But last when he was called Thamburan he responded. The particular actor always acts as a spoke person of higher cast. It is not a surprise when we hear the dialogue from the famous stars mouth Lulu Mallil Kayariya Aadhivasikal’ as he always belong to higher class.

Earlier the same director also criticized about the movie title in his Facebook page . He gave sarcastic comments on the movie titles like ‘Koothara and Peruchazhi’ these words are going to foster the language.

It is clearly seen from their films how they look at the tribes and low class people. The same people give lot of speech about the social discrimination on their blogs. We have to see the same ones who do not have respect to the tribes becomes the brand ambassador for the government.

This open comment against the star will definitely annoy the fans . we have to wait and watch, what all the problems this note will create in the coming days.