Does Manju Has The Same Nose and Lips

Does Manju has the old charm? It looks like recently she has lost her old charm which she had from the Film Sallapam to her last film Pathram. The photographs which has taken during the Kalayan Jwellery showroom is a proof for this doubt. In the pictures it is clearly visible about the changes in her nose and lips. Now nose is slightly long and sharp instead of her flat Nose.

Nowadays it is possible to achieve the changes in your face by using the recent make up techniques. The make up can make your long lips into small one and the flat nose can be changed into long one. By using the lip make up any beautician can make the lips into small and long to a certain extend. If this is true then Manjus make up should be given applause. These changes are not visible in the photographs taken during her announcement of come back .