Congress –League meeting postponed

congress leader

Trivandrum: The summit meeting between the Congress and the League planned for today has been postponed due to serious differences between them. The League felt that in the prevailing situation it’s not possible to have the meeting. The league’s National Secretary E T Mohammad Basheer informed the front leadership about the postponement. He explained to the media that a congenial atmosphere for a meeting doesn’t exist at the moment. The Congress – govt: meeting planned for today also got cancelled.

The Congress leadership was to talk to the League and the Kerala Congress. But the League leadership conveyed their objecton to the Congress to have the discussion. After that based on a common negotiation all of them together decided not to have the meeting. In addition K M Mani had some personal inconvenience to join the meeting. The confusion and misunderstanding created by the solar scam and Ramesh’s Kozhikode speech have not yet settled down.