Conflict between Shahid and Kareena vanishes

There is a saying in Bollywood that there is no guarantee for relations. Same is the case with conflicts too. Just after the patch up between Jaya Bachan and Rekha after the fight that remained for years, there comes the news that the fight between Kareena, Saif ali Khans’s wife and her ex-lover Shahid has also been patched up!!!
Reports say that Kareena and Shahid spoke at the rehearsals conducted at Varali Sports Club. Kareena, after her practice waited for Shahid’s practice to be over and then spoke to him.
During the last week, the news of patching up is heard a lot in the bollywood. Jaya Bachan’s and Rekha’s fight regarding Big B was well known and they had not even spoke or given face to each other for years, but then Amitabh Bachan himself took the initiative to make them speak. After this came the report that Sharukh and Salman Khan also spoke and their fights also have been vanished.