Comic Movie by Madhupal!!! Starring Superstar Mohanlal!!

Mohanlal-Puthiyacinema Many have wondered why had Madhupal remained as a mere villain and co-actor in the malayalam film industry concealing his potentials in him, after the release of his movies ‘Ozhimuri’ and ‘ Thalapaavu’. Madhupal puts on the Director’s cap once again after a short interval. The making of the movies by him were mesmerizing. It is Mohanlal who is starring in Madhupal’s next movie. The discussion has been done and it seems that Mohanlal is quite thrilled after listening to the plot of this comic story. The movie making will commence in 2014. All are eagerly waiting for this comic movie from the director of serious movies until now. We can expect a signature style of Madhupal in this movie too.