Colur Baloon to Theatres with good Characters

The film ‘Colour Baloon’ directed by Subash Thiruvillamala with good characters is gearing up for its release. The film will be released on theatres on December 12th. The film is based on the real incident happened in kerala recently. The film tells the story of Suku and Sita from Thekkathara village. The makers of the film tries to give a social message to the society. Vijaykumar will play the role of Suku and Praveena will play the rold of sita in the film.

Since the film has been accepted by the Indian Medical Assosiation , the government has decide to provide reduction in entertainment tax . Tini Tom and Praveena will be playing the important characters in the film. Master Kailash is bebuting in films as Appu. Kailash will be playing the role of a student who is studying in sixth standard. He is the son of Advocate Shaji G Pillai and Lakshmi who is the grand son of Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair.
Jagadeesh, Nandu Lal, Sunil Sugada, Indrans, Kochu Preman, Vinod Kovur, Sunanda, Sunanda, Sneha, Sreedevi and Anil are the other star cast in the film