Chitram Srinu New Movie Matter

Chitram Srinu New Movie Matter 'Film', he's a new image Catering for over 250 films to his acting skills in the Telugu movie actor 'film' Seenu movie would be announced a new image. Five times, earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, the Indian Book of Records, established, many of the programs viveks The film will be directed by the Director of Innovative. Apurup M. Miracle Media Arts banner. Matter (apurup), basket siddhalaksmilu the mass of the picture. 'Jabardhast' fame 'fuss' I While the main character in the film, Afsar Azad star as the villain. Miduku proceed to the film sets this month. The film will be recognized at the global level to bring the Telugu film, 'Guinness Book of World Records as the offer in the hope that the film directors viveks sampadistundanna place, he said. 'Film', he is going in the opposite of the heroine of the film camera - M. N.. Rao, executive producer - basinsetti Bobby, producers - M.. Matter (apurup), basket siddhalaksmi, the story, the film, directed by - viveks.