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Child Deaths at Attappadi: Chief Minister’s statement is wrong


Palakkad: Chief Ministers statement, that the  tribals in Attappadi are not taking  the proper food even after they are  supplied is wrong and contrary to the facts. All the  measures taken by government to present the child deaths at Attappadi were failed.

As per the government records, rice, wheat, pulses, rice flakes, jaggery, fruits, egg and milk were distributed among them through ICDS at Attappadi.

The rule says through Angan vaadi the number of members in each family has to be identified and the supply has to be made. In families having pregnant and lactating mothers the quantity has to be increased and they must be given iron tablets and amrutham powder. But the projects which chief minister claimed as runninng successfully in the state, just remains in the paper.

When death of kids at Attppadi on hunger and mal nutrition at tribal villages were reported, the angan vaadi kitchens at 68 villages were empty. There has been 14 cases registered  against the private vendors for the supply  and ICDS supervisors for diverting lakhs of rupees. So there were no supply made to these Angan vaadis. Even after the declaration of crores by government for preventing child death at these places the situation continue to be the same