Chennai 28 part 2 Press Release Stills

Chennai 28 was a cult classic of sorts and the film gave an iconic representation to Venkat Prabhu. Its sequel of ‘Chennai 28 part 2’ commenced today with a traditional Pooja. Like its prequel, cricket and friendship remains as the core plot of this sequel as well, and it will discuss the lives of the Chennai 28 boys turning into middle-aged men in part 2. Most of the cast members who were a part of Chennai-28 will feature in the sequel too, with few additions. Social media buffs know Venkat Prabhu's craze for cricket through his social media presence and his profile that says, "Film maker & a die hard fan of team India & team CSK". The nail-biting sequences in Chennai 28 were probably coming from a crazy little cricket fan than a director. Such is the creative intelligence of Venkat Prabhu who has now set highly expectations for ‘Chennai 28 part 2