Chackochen Coming With Lal’s Biscuit Company

Dakshayani Biscuit – the name of a biscuit company which canl not be forgotten by Malyalees. It was a biscuit company started by Mohan Lal who acted as Sethumadhavan in the film Mithunam directed by Priyadarsan. That biscuit company returns to Malayalam cinema once again. In the movie ‘Polytechnic’ directed by M Padmakumar, this biscuit company is once again remade. Character Poly acted by Kunchacko Boban is the one who buys the Dakshayani Biscuit company.

The company which Sethumadhavan started is closed at the moment and when Poly thought of starting a business, the first name came to his mind was this closed down biscuit company. But, as he realizes that there is no use of starting a biscuit business, he has planned to start an agro business. He starts an agro company called Jawan Agro Product Company. He enters the business with the 30 lakhs rupees he got from the Army when his father died. But, when he purchased the closed down Dakshayani Company, his head ache started. Politicians came forward to create problems in opening the company. In brief, what ever hardships was faced by Sethumadhavan in Mithunam, Poly also faces the same troubles.

Director Padmakumar and screen play writer Nishad Koya has found out a new chance for Dakshayani Biscuits company. The movie tells us the new entrepreneurs of Kerala still face the same problems as earlier in starting a business in Kerala. Bhavana is the heroine. Suraj Venjnjaaranmood, Aju Varghese, Ambika are the other actors.