Chackochan comes with Thrissur Malayalam

In the malayalam movies, the language accents and slangs change along with the actors. Before in all the movies either the standard malayalam or the ‘valuvanaadan’ slang was used, but these days, along with the change in the location, the slang also changes. Among the various slangs, the most popular is the Thrissur slang. This slang was made famous through the movie ‘Pranjiyettan and the saint’ by Renjith, in which Mammooty spoke the Thrissur slang very beautifully. In the movie ‘Punyalan Agarbathis’ too Thrissur slang was used and made into wider use by Jayasurya. Now, Kunjchacko Boban also is coming up speaking in the Thrissur slang in the movie ‘Shylock’ directed by Dipan. Chackochan is appearing in the role of Itty, a law student and the movie is shot in the Thrissur background. Dipan will begin the shooting of the movie ‘Shylock’ after the project he is working on now, ‘Dolphin Bar’. Other upcoming projects of Kunjchacko are Pathmakumar’s ‘Polytechnic’ and Ligin Jose’s ‘Law point.’