Cannot live together – Manju and Dileep told in the court

Ernakulam family court has completed all the formalities related to the Malayalam film star couple Manju warrier and Dileep’s divorce. Both of them had informed in front of the court that they do not want to re unite and live together again. Since the legal formalities demanded counselling for six months, the couple had to wait for this period, which has now completed and hence both of them appeared at the court before the Judge P Mohan for the final counseling session and gave their final decision to divorce. With this all the formalities for the official divorce got over . the final verdict of the petition will be declared on Saturday. The couple had filed for divorce on July 24 2014. The duo had a teenage daughter Meenakshi and they had informed the court that their daughter is free to live with any parent. Earlier Manju Warrier had expressed that she does not have any Objection if her daughter select to live with Dileep.