Broker 2 is a Telugu Movie staring Posani Krishna Murali, Sneha M and Sirisri are the leading role. This movie directed and produced by Maddineni Ramesh. It is the sequel to RP Patnaik’s Broker.

To gain political power and to retain their positions, politicians of all hues can stoop low. Morals, values and principles do not matter. The one who matters most in the power play is the ‘broker’. Devdu (Posani Krishna Murali) is broker who mediates between politicians and people to get their things done by taking money. He supports Benerji to become Chief Minister and remain as close aid to him.
In short, he is the man who deals with all of the ‘under the table’ affairs that go on with the political leaders Kasthuri Played by Sneha a young girl come to the city for employment and she was molested and raped by four persons in the city , who pretended to give her job. She becomes victim. But later she falls in love with Devdu and decides to get married. But some unexpected situations turn her as high profile prostitute. How does it affect his love life ? That makes for the rest of the movie. In short the film very candidly take digs at politicians, voters and women

The film is a direct attack on voters. It takes a dig at voters for casting their vote for whoever they will despite knowing about the black side of the politicians. In fact, the ‘broker’ in the movie goes to the point of suggesting that political candidates
should be boxed in the face when they come seeking for votes. Subhas Chandra Bose (Banerjee) is the surprise choice of the ruling party high command when they decide to replace Das (Jeeva).
Das is unwilling to give up his position as an emissary of the party lands in Hyderabad to select a new chief minister. With all the influence that he can summon, Devdu makes Subhash Chandra Bose (Banerjee) the CM after dethroning Das (Jeeva), by blackmailing him with a video of him in a compromising position with a woman. Das has no choice but to fall silent when this video clipping got published. Bose became the new chief minister but the man who runs all his illegal affairs is ‘Broker’ who has the name ‘Devudu’. He is the one who strikes financial deals so that more money can be stacked in Swiss banks.

Meanwhile, for each other’s mutual benefit Bose and Das join hands. But cunning as he is Das wants to stage a comeback and he want to avenge and what does he have? A video of Bose in a compromising position with a woman! And this woman becomes the centre of all the controversy that erupts. Posani Krishnamurali, like he does in practically every films, calls himself a mental person.

And you don’t even want to dispute that. It does get on one’s nerves but then what can you say about a man who is bent upon poking fun of himself silly.

The film being the sequel to ‘Broker’ should have maintained its better quality. but that movie directed by R P Patnaik had far better quality in terms of storyline, canning the shots, and driving home a point. Broker-2 only drives you crazy.