Akshay Kumar Starrer Boss directed by Anthony is a total commercial entertainer. It is the official remake of Malayalam Block Buster Pokkiri Raja starring Mammooty . It has a purposefully illogical but interesting story. Somewhat interesting until the interval. It also has got some bone crunching action sequence choreographed by ANL Arasu and a terrific villain portrayed by Ronit Roy in full blown sadist mode. This new and updated version of Boss doesn’t bear a remote resemblance to the original

Anthony D’Souza and his team have obviously put in minimal effort in making this film and they don’t expect audiences to exercise their brains either. Juvenile jokes abound and slow-motion shots of Akshay Kumar running and slamming the villain’s head into the ground make up about half the film. Akshay kind of beats the bad guy to a pulp, tells a few jokes and generally has a good time. There are some heavy-duty emotional scenes as well where everyone forgives everybody. You can have a good time with the lead hero, if you enjoy that kind of entertainment. You know the kind that barely makes sense.

Boss is a leave-your-brains-behind total commercial entertainer. It’s meant to be enjoyed with your gang. You’re meant to clap and whistle as the hero bashes the numerous goons matrix style and laugh at the cornball jokes. Because it’s a guy thing. A butch thing. You aren’t meant to dissect the already murdered screenplay because no one has thought of sending this film to the Sundance Festival anyways.

Such films have become a specialty for Akshay Kumar. He’s the sort of the person who can take a South original and twist it around into his own inimitable style. There’s wacked out humour here. Boss doesn’t fight unless there’s background music playing. And he resorts to cheesy dialogue and sms humour even as he’s beating up the bad guys.

Kumar is the ‘Boss’ in this hare-brained film, a gangster who only beats up people to the beats of loud music and with nubile dancers dancing. He is turned away from home by Gandhian father Mithun Chakraborty. who thinks his eldest son is guilty of a horrendous crime. This doesn’t stop the father from using muscle power when a powerful politician and police officer threaten his other son. Talk about double standards. He’s mentored by a large-hearted god father Danny Denzongpa. . There’s a corrupt cop, Ronit Roy, who tries to play the ultimate baddie. Viewers with a chronic case of the male gaze have Sonakshi Sinha in item numbers. And there’s the svelte Aditi Rao Hydari, prancing around wearing bikinis. Women have the colourful job of engaging the male audience in the right ways.

if you had liked Rowdy Rathore and Khiladi 786 and other Akshay Kumar random action comedies then you’ll certainly like this. God save you if you don’t subscribe to the above brand of cinema. Oh yes, Anthony D’Souza’s direction is miles ahead of his debut outing Blue. Akshay is charming as ever. That’s what we call paisa vasool.