Biju and Asif is Teaming Again

Actor Biju Menon and Asif Ali will play the lead role In the upcoming film directed by debutant Dinil Babu. The film is produced by Mohammad Aki Under the banner Minhal Productions. The screen play of the film is written by Y.V Rajesh. This would be a humour film. The main location of the film is Kochi and the shoot of the film will start by September.

Dinil Babu worked as assistant to Roshan Andrews. Dinil has written the script for the film Namasthe Bali Starring Roma. Biju Menon and Asif Ali has worked together earlier in films like Ordinary and Pakida. Asif’s new film is Driver on Duty. Hi Iam Tony is gearing up for its release. In this film also Biju Menon is acting with Asif. Dinil’s film would be the fourth film of this duo