Bangalore Days pairs again!!

No one will easily forget Shiva and Natasha and their love affair in the movie Bangalore Days directed by Anjali Menon. Though that affair was not fulfilled, Anwar Rasheed is all set to fulfil their affair it seems through his new movie. He is directing a new movie, ‘Maniyarayile Jinnu’ starring Fahad Fasil and Nithya Menon, the Shiva and Natasha of Bangalore Days. Fahad has a strong role in this movie. Anwar Rasheed is directing this movie after the direction of Aami of Anju Sundarikal. Nithya Menon was the heroine in his last movie ‘Usthad Hotel’ too. The shoot has not fixed yet. Script by Raghunath Paleri and produced by Siyad Kokker.