Aroma Mani Against Fahad Fazil

Sunita Productions owner and producer Aroma Mani has come with serious allegation against the actor Fahad Fazil. He accused Fahad that the actor denied to act in his film.

He says that Fahad took an advance of Four Lakh from him for acting in a film and later postponed the dates twice . Later he even refused to act in the film. He also added that he had complained six times to the producer association. But did not take action. The producers association did not show him the letter which Fahad had sent through AMMA stating that he is not interested to act in the film. Because of Fahad’s backing out, the director said that this cancellation of the film had incurred him monetary loss including the advance amount which he had given to the artists and the technicians. He also told that he is touch with the association for the past two and half years since 2012 , but he did not get justice.