Anand Who Plays The Son Grandson Nagesh Kajes “Kalkantu”

                                        Nagesh’s son and grandson Anand
                           Kajes starrer “kalkantu” AM directed by Nandakumar
The film, produced by the steering wheel next to the image of Rajaratnam Films will produce the most expansive film “kalkantu” dubbed.
The film Anand’s son and the grandson of the famous actor Nagesh kajes two months before it will be introduced as the hero
stunt vaikkappattaram stand in front of the camera after the training.
timpilcopte heroine from the state of Maharashtra. He served as a descendant of the warrior Shivaji’s generals.
And Manobala, the movie, Swaminathan, “Daddy of a Doubt” Senthil, landmark, TP, srirancani, Jennifer hold a place for himself in the comedy film Jennifer Gilli starring Vijay’s sister.
Cinematography – kevicures
Matankarkki, Viveka, Despite, Teri Kannan is composing the music for the songs
Dancing – Sujatha, Dina, Dinesh. Stunt – Commander Dinesh. Editing – curesars. Art – Jana
Product Management – Ashok. Production supervision – emesanant
Product – J. Lord
The story, screenplay, dialogues and direction Nandakumar AM. He tennavan starring Vijayakanth, ponrapatankalai legend starring and directed by Prashant. As well as in Japan, where the superstar namra, nekatupiya, China won a landslide stars as the lead cartridge “Dancing With Ninja” has directed the film.
Kalkantu film director AM Nandakumar asked how it would be .. “kalkantu a percentage in any form, even though the taste will change. Kalkantu penned the screenplay format like that would be palatable. While shooting is completed. Chennai, Nagapattinam, has been shooting in places like Karaikudi.
People will admire ellatarappu kalkantai director Nandakumar AM.

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