Amala Paul ignored own mother?

Malayalam films had made the actress Amala paul an actress . Amal Paul who is from Kochi debuted into the film with the Malayalam film Neelathamara. It is to be accepted that it is the Tamil film Maina which made the actress a heroine. But it does not mean that with this you have to ignore your mother. The question is from the social media. It had put Amala in a trap by calling Tamil Cinema as her mother. The fans are attacking Amala in the social media for changing her mother. The actress said that it is the Tamil film had made her an actress. It is because of this reason, she is emotionally related to Tamil films. Malyalaees would accept only if you prove that you are intelligent. At the same time to get acceptance from malayalees is a very big thing. The fame and achievement what she has now is because of the Tamil films. if she would have started from Malayalam she would not have been revive the star status what she receives now.