Advocat’s clerk admits having corrected Sreedharan Nair’s petition


Trivandrum: Advocate sony Bhasker’s clerk Radakrishnan admitted that he did correct the petition given by Mallelil Sreedharan Nair. He added a couple of new words to the original petition to mean that Sreedharan Nair had talked to the chief minister too. This was done as per the instruction of his advocate, Radhakrishnan added. He gave a written statement to the enquiry team about this..

The advocate Sony Bhaskar in turn said that the instruction for correction was given as per the request of Sreedharan Nair. But Sreedharan Nair was not informed back, of the correction done. Further enquiry is needed to find out why this correction was made. Now the advocate Sony Bhasker doesn’t say anything further about the matter.