Adieu Altavista

Adieu Altavista - MalayalamOnline
Its farewell to Yahoo’s 18-year old search engine ‘Altavista’. This 1995 launched search engine came into the ownership of Yahoo in 2003. It had indexed around 20 million pages in its time. Yahoo had announced the termination of Altavista on June 28, 2013. From now on, visitors browsing for the Altavista page will be redirected to Yahoo Search. In the past couple of months, it had been the chop block for many others in the online world. Yahoo Axis and Yahoo Desktop extension had been terminated earlier in June. Very soon, Browser Plus, Yahoo Web Player, Foxytunes and Yahoo Stars India will also follow the others, out of the field. To top all of this, the news that Google is going to shut down their RSS option (Google Reader) in July has been a slap on the cheek to world-wide users.