Aaarogya Poshanam Padhathy

FR. M.D. Yuhanon ramban

As you know , Malankara orthodox suriyani church is celebrating its centenary of re construction. The star glitter of this celebration is the Aarogya Poshanam Padhathy( HEALTH IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME) started on June 2013 by Attapadi St.Thomas Ashram as a mile stone in its missions.

All the national media are publishing the news of kids dyeing of malnutrition in different tribal villages of Attapadi from April onwards. This invited the nation wide attention to this area. Ministers both Central and State, and Politicians visited the area . On Combined Special development package by the central and state governments has been declared for Attapadi. Lets view this as a good initiative.

The problems in Attapadi are not new nor started on a fine morning. Poverty Deaths ,epidemics and death due to malnutrition are not new news to Attapadi. All there were there but it was brought to media attention now only. That may be the reason this problem of the tribals of Attapadi has not included in the mission programmes of Malankara Orthodox Sabha till date.

The efforts of Bishop Dr. Geevarghese mar Osthathiyose are great and gave a new dimension to the mission programmes of Malankara Orrthodox Sabha. Under his Holy the Sabh Mission Board and Mission Society had worked selflessly for the underdeveloped communities of North India. Though he went to his heavenly abode ,his influence and prayers are leading us even today .

On the situation of repeated child death, the students of Bishop Dr. Geevarghese mar Osthathiyose and the leaders of Sabha Mission Board. Bishop Dr. Yuhanon Mar Chrisosttomas (Chairman),Bishop Dr.Yuhanon Mar Thevodorose( Co –Chairman)Fr. K.A Philip Ramban (Director) has took the initiative under Sabha Mission Board and Dubai Friends Society to distribute to 400 kids school kits worth Rs.2.5 lakhs on 28th of May 2013 .Following that they visited the Nellipathi village of Attapadi were 4 kids were died .The Bishops who came back to St. Thomas Ashram discussed on the programmes to be continued there. As a result the the Aarogya Poshanam Padhathy has been formulated.

Initially it is decided to distribute bread ,milk and butter to 295 kids of Nellipathi,Bhootha kuzhi,Chundukulam and Kottamala tribal villages, as evening meal . Food is being given to Children below the age of 15 years, pregnant and feeding mothers and old people.Boiled egg and Milk are prepared from the Ashram and are brought to the villages and distributed by the volunteers.The programme was inaugurated by Mr. Ummen Chandi ,the Chief Minister of Kerala by distributing the kit to 85 kids of Bhootha Kuzhi Village. The Chief Minister described the prrogramme a new step among the Social development programmes of Orthodox Sabha .

The the Aarogya Poshanam Padhathy which started on 2nd of June 2013 is now reaching a next level as a major programme giving nutritive food to 500 children under different villages of Attapadi before 30th June 2013.New survey in Venkadavu,Gudayoor ,karara, kathirampathi villages has been completed. 205 children from these villages are also becoming benefactors of this programme .

“Aarogya Poshanam Padhath””i has received wide support so far. His Emminent His Holy Mar Beselius Marthoma Paulose Dwithiyan has blessed the programme. Youth of Kalloopara St Mary’s Church under Niranam Bhadrasanam contributed Rs.65000/ – they collected , to the Ashramam and for one day joined the distribution programme also .Fr.Mathew K John, the Kerala Orphanage Association President and the Pampadi Dayara manager,visited the tribal villages and promised to give the bread and egg and milk for 200 kids. TheBhadrasanams of Kottayam ,Kandanad Kottarakkara –Punaloor,Chenganoor have also promised to their contributions to the programme.

It is calculated that for a month Rs. 600/- on Rs. 20/- per day and Rs. 7,200/- per annum for a child as the expense for giving the food. The total cost of the project is estimated as Rs. 40 lakhs . So the whole hearted support of all the Sabha members, Institutions ,public and well wishers are needed for the success of this programme. This programme which started on 2nd of June 2013 is scheduled to complete by 31st of may 2014.It will be evaluated on a structured basis and if necessary will be extended for another one year also covering other villages of Attapadi also.

Fr.M.D Yuhanaan Ramban ,the Superior of St .Thomas Ashram is the Director of the programme.Fr.S.Paul is the treasurerand Mission Project Director Dr. Sibi Tharakan is the Project Co ordinator .

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Arogya Poshanam Inauguration

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