4 Heroines to Sing Together!!

In the new movie ‘100 degree celsius’ not only 4 heroines act together but they also sing together. The 4 actresses are Shwetha Menon, Meghna Raj, Ananya and Bhama. They are singing the vibrant song ‘Pacha manja chuvanna varna’ in the movie. Gopi Sunder who has made many actors and actresses sing is doing the music direction in this movie too and the Lyrics of the songs are by Santhosh Varma. Ananya and Bhama sang the malayalam song easily whereas Shwetha and Meghna struggled hard to sing, commented the song director. There was news earlier that in the movie ‘100 degree celsius’, a non- malayali actress Meghna is singing.

The script and direction of the movie is carried out by the new director Rakesh Gopan. The movie is one that gives importance to the female characters. In the movie in which Shwetha, Bhama, Ananya, Meghna and Haritha are starring, real life incidents have been shot. The movie that tells the story in 2 parts, first time in malayalam, is produced by Royson Vellara under the banner of RR Entertainments.